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Provider Map
Schools, Colleges and Universities (Private):
         ABC Bartending and Casino Dealing College
         Accredited Real Estate School, Inc.
         Advanced Automotive Training
         Advanced Security Institute
         Americas [Insurance] Training Center Online
         Art Institute of California - Sacramento
         Asher College (TechSkills)
         Automotive Training Schools
         Aviation & Electronic Schools of America
         Brandman University - Roseville
         Brandman University - Yuba City
         Breining Institute
         Bryan College
         CalCERTS, Inc.
         California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources (CAARR)
         California Human Development Corporation (CHDC)
         California Institute of Jewelry Training
         California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences
         California Northstate College of Pharmacy
         California Paralegal College
         California School of Garden Design
         Cambridge Junior College
         Carrington College - Citrus Heights
         Carrington College - Sacramento
         Center for Employment Training
         Citrus Heights Beauty College
         Commercial Drivers Learning Center
         Contractor's State License Service
         Cook School of Real Estate
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