Operations Manager

Code: 11-1021.00

Also known as: Business Manager, General Manager (GM), Operations Director, Operations Manager, Plant Superintendent, Store Manager

Description: At the core of every major corporation is an operations department, which helps to formulate polices and manage the daily activities that keep a company running smoothly. Operations Managers plan, direct and coordinate these divisions, mapping out the use and function of human resources and materials. These Managers are directly and indirectly involved in a variety of core decisions, ranging from purchasing and staffing requirements to general administrative duties.Depending on the size of a company, an Operation Manager will generally have at least an Associate's degree. Those who work at larger enterprises may be required to have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in order to stay competitive.

Operations Manager

Typical wages

10% $45,850
25% $67,450
Median $103,650
75% $161,190
90% $208,000
10% $22.04
25% $32.43
Median $49.83
75% $77.49
90% $100+

Projected employment

Estimated Employment
(2019 year)
Projected Employment
(2029 year)
Percent Change +0 %
Projected Annual Job Openings 204,400