Code: 17-1022.00

Also known as: City Surveyor, County Surveyor, Land Surveyor, Mine Surveyor, Registered Land Surveyor, Surveyor

Description: Before new construction begins, a Surveyor is called in to verify maps and property boundaries. These professionals work with urban and regional planners, engineers and architects to develop all construction designs.Surveyors typically have a Bachelor's degree in architecture, civil engineering or a related field. However, they must be licensed before they can practice. Otherwise, they will need to work under a licensed Surveyor as an apprentice technician.


Typical wages

10% $37,690
25% $49,250
Median $65,590
75% $87,480
90% $109,010
10% $18.12
25% $23.68
Median $31.54
75% $42.06
90% $52.41

Projected employment

Estimated Employment
(2019 year)
Projected Employment
(2029 year)
Percent Change +0 %
Projected Annual Job Openings 3,600