Aerospace Engineer

Code: 17-2011.00

Also known as: Aeronautical Engineer, Aerospace Engineer, Aerospace Stress Engineer, Avionics Engineer, Design Engineer, Flight Controls Engineer, Flight Test Engineer, Structural Analysis Engineer, Systems Engineer, Test Engineer

Description: For centuries, people have marveled at the skies. In science fiction, space is the next frontier of human migration. The Aerospace Engineer designs, creates and maintains the vessels that champion the skies and outer space. They use their knowledge and skills to research and test ideas, improve the performance and production of aerospace products.

Aerospace Engineer

Typical wages

10% $72,770
25% $91,480
Median $118,610
75% $148,570
90% $171,220
10% $34.99
25% $43.98
Median $57.02
75% $71.43
90% $82.32

Projected employment

Estimated Employment
(2019 year)
Projected Employment
(2029 year)
Percent Change +0 %
Projected Annual Job Openings 3,900