Broadcast Technician

Code: 27-4012.00

Also known as: Audio Engineer, Board Operator, Broadcast Engineer, Broadcast Maintenance Engineer, Broadcast Operations Engineer, Broadcast Technician, Control Operator, Production Engineer

Description: From your favorite sports show to the next reality TV competition, Broadcast Technicians work behind the scenes to make sure productions reach viewers without a glitch. These Technicians are responsible for setting up, maintaining and repairing electrical equipment used for radio and television broadcasts as well as concerts and other live events. While some Broadcast Technicians may only have a high school diploma or its equivalent, most will pursue some postsecondary education or Associate degree.

Broadcast Technician

Typical wages

10% $21,570
25% $28,930
Median $43,570
75% $62,980
90% $83,620
10% $10.37
25% $13.91
Median $20.95
75% $30.28
90% $40.2

Projected employment

Estimated Employment
(2019 year)
Projected Employment
(2029 year)
Percent Change +0 %
Projected Annual Job Openings 3,400