Code: 29-1051.00

Also known as: Clinical Pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacist, Pharmacist, Pharmacist in Charge (PIC), Pharmacist in Charge, Owner (PIC, Owner), Pharmacy Informaticist, Registered Pharmacist, Staff Pharmacist, Staff Pharmacist, Hospital

Description: When your doctor prescribes medicine, you typically take it to a Pharmacist to fill the prescription. These health professionals dispense medications and give clients guidelines on drug use. They may also offer healthy lifestyle education and other wellness services.Pharmacists must obtain a license in order to operate, which usually involves a written exam. They all must earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.


Typical wages

10% $85,210
25% $112,690
Median $128,710
75% $147,690
90% $164,980
10% $40.96
25% $54.18
Median $61.88
75% $71.01
90% $79.32

Projected employment

Estimated Employment
(2019 year)
Projected Employment
(2029 year)
Percent Change +0 %
Projected Annual Job Openings 11,200